In 2011 Solar world started its journey with the motto ”every home for solar”.We have successfully installed more than 154,768+ panels throughout Australia. Over 1000 delightful customer talks about our service in reviews. We will send CEC-approved installers┬áto your home and they have enough experience in Solar Installation. Along with the best product warranty, we provide 10 years real workmanship and beat 7% price in the market.

As a successful retailer of all branded products
including inverters and panels. We are very proud to be a part of a prestigious member and recognized as a valuable marketer to the biggest brand like
LG, Tesla, ABB, and more on From the panel
to panel set up kits, we provide all kinds of verified products to our customers. We ensure top
brands’ products are installed. When it comes to warranty we create a chain between you and the brand.


Making a Customer delight is the core of your service. We believe in the highest service which will talk further to bring a new customer. We take 3-4 weeks after sales to install which is the fastest, and we can do it because of our expert and enough workforce.
We serve tubeless setup, cause we care about our client property.Along with setup, we have opened a new service line which is a Solar panel cleaning service. We believe and
studied that cleaning a panel is
helpful to work more efficiently.

Creating every home for solar power in Australia. Creating awareness to go for solar energy and use the sun for your electricity which is sustainable and inexhaustible.

Save the energy for our future generation and make the earth habitable.


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