Privacy Policy

1. The preamble of Solar World Power

1.1 The information, we get from you is personal, on the other hand, it’s important to us to protect your privacy. Solar World Power collects your information under its privacy policy towards using organizational activity.

1.2 We might use your information by providing it to third parties, This Privacy Policy governs the information we receive from you and we provide to you with which information you need.

1.3 Through the website or otherwise giving your information to us, it says you accept to let us use and disclosure your information in the manner of our Privacy Policy with your consent.

1.4 In accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (as amended), Solar Word Power operates privacy practices as described in this Privacy Policy.



2.1 We would collect your Personal Information in different ways. Namely telephone, email, website, or SMS. We may also gather your information via other associate companies or other intermediaries. In this case, we will ensure that intermediaries have your permission to provide us.

2.2 The objective of your personal information is to meet your requirements for our service. We also collect your personal information to customize our services according to your requirements. Personal Information will not be limited to your name, telephone, email, or address but include other things.

2.3 We use your personal information for the following purpose.

  • For evaluating your suitability and preferences for our products and services
  • To reach you to provide our product or service to you.
  • By conveying information about our product or services to you. Especially for sending our product and service information to you or sending promotional offers;
  • To do our internal business analysis, research, marketing, product development requirements; and
  • Including the establishment day to day business like pricing, customer service, and customer satisfaction data.


2.4 We collect your data to tailor the website and Business operation activities. The information may include the URL, address, browser Cookies, and Cookie information. We also collect information about using our website, the pages you do visit, and more other criteria

2.5 There is a feature in your browser called “Cookies’’. We may send the cookies to your browser when you access the site. Actually, we will send the piece of information (Cookies) from our site to your browser. Furthermore, we will monitor your usage of our website and the way you visit, and how often you visit our site. Cookies just identify your browser however, do not identify you specifically. We also use cookies to aggregate the visitor’s numbers to our website. As we ensure that personally identifiable information is not collected in this process. You can set your browser by alerting you when cookies and being sent or disabling the technology. If disable the cookies from your browser it might not possible to optimize your appearance on our site.

2.6 We do not send you cookies to identify your personal identity. Rather we use it for the purpose of managing the efficiency of the site, seeing reputed visitors, building anonymous profiles of visitors, and tailoring the site for market research.

2.7 We prefer your information to target you. To customize our product so that we can provide them to your preference. Also, customize our advertisement for you. And for other business-related purposes, we do these.

2.8 For marketing our site on the internet, we use the remarketing process. Remarking is an advertisement when you browse another website by your browser, you will be enabled to see the customized ads regarding our products and services. That adverting would be enabled by your browser and cookies. You can opt out of the advertisements using the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) opt-out webpage at Instated you can opt-out of the Google Remarketing Program by using the Google Ad Preference manager at or using the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on tool at


3.1 We do not make a profit or sell your information to third parties

3.2We would provide get information for the sake of providing our services to you, outside of Solar World Power Such as:

  • finance companies (if requested by you);
  • credit reporting agencies;
  • subcontractors or installers;
  • service providers;
  • power utilities;
  • government and other regulatory authorities as authorized by law.

3.3 We will disclose your information when we are required to do so by the Laws and Regulations.


4.1 From misuse, loss, unauthorized access, modification, or exposure, we will take all crucial responsibility to protect your information. Customer Information is confidential. Getting access to your personal information is restricted by high security. Access to our computer for our employees to get your information is restricted by passwords.


5.1 If you ask for your information that Solar World Power holds. We are ready to provide you. We have within 30 days after getting your request. In these cases, Solar World Power will incur a cost that is reasonable.

5.2 If you have any doubt about the information that you provided to us. You can ask for it to do it correctly. We will consider updating your information as per yours.


6.1 The policy will amendment at any time without notice and we will post it on our website.


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